Guide In Tour Italy
Guide In Tour Italy

Amalfi Coast

Welcome to Amalfi, one of the jewels of the Campania coastline! The beauty of its coast and the charm of the city, which expertly blends art and history, make it a top tourist destination.

The Amalfi Coast offers breathtaking views, with its beaches nestled between promontories and the vibrant colors of houses perched on the sea. You can visit the Cathedral of St. Andrew, the Civic Museum, and the Tower of Ziro to immerse yourself in the history of this splendid city.

But Amalfi is also the home of gastronomic delights, such as limoncello and the sfusato amalfitano, a local variety of lemon. You can taste local specialties in the numerous restaurants and bars in the city.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a unique adventure on the Campania coastline. Book your tour in Amalfi and be enchanted by the beauty of this splendid city and its coastline.


New tours for the Amalfi coast are coming soon.